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Genuine and Secure Connections
Fullcircle is a free to use "connection ecosystem" social network that expands beyond current dating sites/apps targeting younger audiences with the chaos of swiping right or left and short term interactions. Although open to members of all ages, our focus is on providing a platform for people past the age of 35 that are looking for a more honest and civilized manner to connect with people be it dating or other more casual social interactions.
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Our Mission

We look after our members

By incorporating new technologies that add a unique personal security layer and further enabling “Geo” features and activity groups that marry people up based upon similar interests and location, Fullcircle is a comfortable, secure destination for mature adults seeking relationships, activity partners or just new nearby friends. Look for our novel incorporation of Amazon's Alexa into our platform.

Video Validate

Fullcircle incorporates Video-Validate (https://vv.cool) authentication feature which provides an extra layer of authentication and helps to reduce online misrepresentation, fraud and cat fishing. With one click of the VideoValidate button on a profile, members can request another member (that has shown interest in them) to provide a 20 second or less video themselves which is returned and includes the individuals current city and state. No location specifics other than city and state to provide confidence in these individuals representations. The video is then return to the requesting member and self deletes 24 hours after first viewing. If a member does not respond to a Video Validate request the asking member can infer that they are less than sincere.

“Area Drawing”
Mapping feature

For the first time in online dating, Fullcircle provides members with an Area Drawing mapping search feature which allows a member to designate a geographical area on a map using their mouse (or finger on mobile) from which to search for connections. Further members can actually “exclude” members form a geographical area from seeing their profile. We feel this feature provides members the ability to identify connections in a geography that is relevant to them.