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A New Way to Connect!

FullCircle is a new "connection ecosystem" social network designed for people aged 45+ that expands beyond traditional dating and other meetup websites and mobile applications that are typically geared toward a younger audience. FullCircle is currently free to users and will be available and fully functional on both the Web and IOS/Android platforms beginning in late 2019. Please subscribe below to be notified of our official launch. 


Members Connect With Privacy

 FullCircle utilizes leading-edge technologies that add a unique personal security layer and also enable us to offer “geo-activity groups” connecting users with similar interests based on their geographic location. FullCircle is a secure destination for mature aduIts seeking romantic relationships, activity partners or just a way to meet new friends who reside nearby.

FullCircle incorporates the exciting new Video-Validate ("VV") ( authentication feature which provides an extra layer of security and helps to reduce online misrepresentation to further protect our members. Also look out for our novel incorporation of Amazon's Alexa into our platform. 

Look for our "Jobs" Category to also debut, identifying nearby jobs tailored for those over 45 and/or in retirement. Great way to find terrific senior talent .


"GeoCircles®" Finally a place to meet like minded and nearby people with similar interests in a safe, relaxed manner.

FullCircle introduces its GeoCircle® platform functionality which allows members to create interest groups known as "Circles” tied to their geographic locations. GeoCircles provide an online community where members can share news, videos, information on meetings, social gatherings, etc. Members can create an affinity group for any reason---announcing a party, a regular tennis match or a monthly book club. GeoCircles can be customized to be either temporary (self-expiring by date) or permanent.  GeoCircle members can receive updates and notifications from their Circle and can opt to be notified when another Circle member is physically present nearby.

Introducing Video-Validate "Vv"

We go out of our way to protect our membership from scammers that sadly inhibit many online dating sites.   By partnering with industry leader-VideoValidate we are endeavoring to mitigate misrepresentation  and “cat-fishing. To see how it works click on the explainer video.  But its actually very simple,  you invite someone you are interacting with online to very easily provide additional authentication using a short, self-deleting video showing general location. More on how it works here:

Also Introducing/Offering Founding Member Status

Become a Founding Member

We are currently accepting pre-registrations for "Founding Members".  Founding memberships will be offered to a limited number of our subscribers who will be guaranteed lifetime access to FullCircle free of all fees and charges that may eventually be assessed. In exchange, we will solicit feedback on your user experience and request your suggestions for additional features and functionality that will be incorporated as our membership grows. Please subscribe now and you will be contacted when registration opens.



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